Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dreamsicle Musings

I've gotta thank the lovely Isabel of Hipster Musings and Chickdowntown for the awesome Dreamsicle White Fang top by Wildfox Couture. Maybe it's my inner Blackfoot, but a crop top with feathers, beads, and teeth is perfect thing to wear with my Current/Elliot roll up shorts, while hanging out in the treepee!

And go bookmark hipster musings. Though you should be forewarned- it may lead to some serious shoe shopping. Yes, it's had that effect on me...


  1. hi jody! its tyler, i found your blog through angels and followed. you have such cute style i love all your stuff...

    add my blog too if you wanna stay in touch :)

    hope you're doing good where ever you are these days,
    xoxo tyler

  2. ps... haha i love how what i wrote above sounds like angels (the mystical beings- rather than Angel the person) told me about your blog...

  3. Eek! Thanks so much for the mention, you are too sweet! Definitely adding you to my link list.

    P.S. -I tend to have voracious shoe shopping habits - don't fall into the abyss!

  4. Tyler! You know it was angels that led you to my blog! Kristin and I need to take a trip to Austin sometime...

    Isabel- You got me searching for boots that resemble the Chloe studded ones you pictured on your site. I found a pair that'll work- and not cost $1700- which is what they are going for on ebay right now!!