Tuesday, August 31, 2010

kind of major...

Rachel Zoe just said "That was one of those surreal moments where I'm like 'I love my job'...when you're sitting there watching these beautiful clothes come down the runway and these girls, and then all of a sudden Stevie Nicks starts singing and I was like 'Is that really happening?' It was kind of major. That was combining two like fantasies. Fashion and Stevie."

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Samantha Pleet Fall 2010

I love how Samantha Pleet's looks always show a lot of leg without ever looking too sexy. Maybe it's because everything is paired with flats. (Are they all Osborn's?) I'm not sure when this stuff is available- but I might need the black cape, a plaid dress, and maybe some shorts, and...

Take a Bow

Today I was on a mission to buy scarves- a bunch of scarves. I figure I'll tie things around my head for months. After scoring some nice dead stock vintage scarves, I realized that a couple of images on Stylesightings have subconsciously been on the brain...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

thar she grows...week one

Something's happened being a brunette. I want hair. Like to pile on top of my head. And um, I can't do that- at all... So while driving to work on Monday morning, (wish I could remember what I happened to be listening to) I made the decision to grow it out. Get through the awkward three months looking like I did in seventh grade. Because between this length and a rockin' bowl cut or a mini-bob are MONTHS of waiting... And I'm impatient. So I'm going to document the growth every week. Hopefully, little by little, I'll see changes. I had an appointment for a cut next week, but I canceled it. I know you're "supposed" to trim it every six weeks. But I sort of want to punish myself a little bit and wait. I'm not sure how long. October? November? In the meantime, I'm waiting for Mr. UPS to show up with another hat...

(5 weeks since last haircut, and just barely skimming top of ears)

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Favor

I got an email from my friend Angel, asking me to do her a "HUGE" favor. (She really typed the word huge in all caps.) Anyway, when we think of huge favors- what comes to mind? Driving a U-Haul? Moving boxes up and down stairs? Basically stuff that sucks, right? The word favor implies that you're putting someone out. Well, she was styling a photo shoot at her house, and wanted to use some of my jewelry. Favor? Are you kidding? What's better than getting to participate in watching a model get all dolled up and piling jewelry on her? Count me in!!
Angel has collected a lot of vintage nighties over the years and we ending up pairing them with some less than delicate jewelry- Pamela Love, Bliss Lau, Hermes, and Eddie Borgo. Anyway, it was a blast- and here are a few images that I took (which are nowhere near as good as those of the photographer).

(Plus Bandit! Cause look at him!)

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Thank you Tara-Lynn! Love the new hat- as I love everything you create.