Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chanel Boy Bag- Freja approved

This bag is not for ladies who lunch.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Chanel Boy Bag

I've never fallen victim to NEEDING a Chanel bag. But the Boy Bag might be a different story. I love it's size (medium pictured), the chain that looks really heavy (but is actually very light), and the fact that it is like a book with its name on the spine. I told my boyfriend that I am at the age where a Chanel bag is appropriate. He said that was stupid. But I'm still looking...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Abbey Lee Maniamania Immortal Ring

Gorgeous image above from Inside In, Inside Out

Two images above from Bona Drag

I had been eyeing the Maniamania immortal ring for a long, long, time now. But the limited edition Abbey Lee Kershaw collaboration ring with the amethyst faceted crystal stone was just too much to resist. I think it will be here Wednesday (which cannot come soon enough). The next ring haunting my dreams in the Maniamania Patti ring inspired by Patti Smith's tattoo designed by Valli Myers.


It's safe to say that my Pamela Love addiction has reached pretty epic proportions. It's no wonder my savings account is in a sad state. If you need a dealer, I recommend Bona Drag.

Rodarte in print

If you're a fan of Rodarte, I highly recommend this book. I got it for my birthday from the boyfriend. I'll never be able to own one of their gowns, so this is the closest I will get. Anna Sheffield Chasse pinky ring, Anna Sheffield + Lindsey Thornburg teardrop ring, Iosselliani snake ring all available from Bona Drag.

pretty pretty

Another reason to love Bona Drag. They've got the prettiest boxes and wrapping. I swear, I wrap every present in their snake tissue paper!

Sisters of Mercy? Really?

Yesterday I wore my Obesity and Speed Poncho and Pamela Love rosary dagger to Safeway. My boyfriend said I looked like a member of Sisters of Mercy and he looked like a member of Archers of Loaf. Also pictured is the Iosselliani snake ring and Anna Sheffield teardrop ring. (All items from Bona Drag.)

Pamela Love Pentagram

Pamela Love pentagram earrings and Slayer shirt= good to go! (Earrings available at Bona Drag.)

Bona Drag cds

Thanks Bona Drag for all the cds through the years. I've got a pretty substantial collection.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


I've entered BonLook's contest to win a free pair of glasses. Vote for me!