Monday, November 21, 2011

Chanel Boy Bag

I've never fallen victim to NEEDING a Chanel bag. But the Boy Bag might be a different story. I love it's size (medium pictured), the chain that looks really heavy (but is actually very light), and the fact that it is like a book with its name on the spine. I told my boyfriend that I am at the age where a Chanel bag is appropriate. He said that was stupid. But I'm still looking...


  1. I really like the hardware on the bag . I never thought I would own a Chanel purse, but I would really like this on my shoulder.

  2. Oh, hello. I had classified Chanel bags into a bit-boring-plus-I'll-be-112-before-I-can-afford-one-anyway-so-pfft category but this has instantly changed my mind. Off to lust, hard.