Monday, August 16, 2010

The Favor

I got an email from my friend Angel, asking me to do her a "HUGE" favor. (She really typed the word huge in all caps.) Anyway, when we think of huge favors- what comes to mind? Driving a U-Haul? Moving boxes up and down stairs? Basically stuff that sucks, right? The word favor implies that you're putting someone out. Well, she was styling a photo shoot at her house, and wanted to use some of my jewelry. Favor? Are you kidding? What's better than getting to participate in watching a model get all dolled up and piling jewelry on her? Count me in!!
Angel has collected a lot of vintage nighties over the years and we ending up pairing them with some less than delicate jewelry- Pamela Love, Bliss Lau, Hermes, and Eddie Borgo. Anyway, it was a blast- and here are a few images that I took (which are nowhere near as good as those of the photographer).

(Plus Bandit! Cause look at him!)

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