Wednesday, August 18, 2010

thar she grows...week one

Something's happened being a brunette. I want hair. Like to pile on top of my head. And um, I can't do that- at all... So while driving to work on Monday morning, (wish I could remember what I happened to be listening to) I made the decision to grow it out. Get through the awkward three months looking like I did in seventh grade. Because between this length and a rockin' bowl cut or a mini-bob are MONTHS of waiting... And I'm impatient. So I'm going to document the growth every week. Hopefully, little by little, I'll see changes. I had an appointment for a cut next week, but I canceled it. I know you're "supposed" to trim it every six weeks. But I sort of want to punish myself a little bit and wait. I'm not sure how long. October? November? In the meantime, I'm waiting for Mr. UPS to show up with another hat...

(5 weeks since last haircut, and just barely skimming top of ears)


  1. i hope this isn't bad advice, but when i decided to grow my own hair from a pixie cut to long, i just NEVER went to the hairdresser, well, try lots of fantastic conditioner, expensive, its what i'm lacking at the moment, but when i could...
    presently, i am a redhead & wishing i were brunette again...but the red dried my hair out & i have to wait...i'm so impatient too
    ps. i always feel nervous leaving a english teacher comments

  2. The advice makes sense. If you trim your hair every six weeks, then it would take FOREVER to grow. So, I think you're right. But I'll trim up the back part- right at the base of the neck. Otherwise I'll have a funky mullet.

    I always love your hair. Red or brunette. Long bangs. Shorter bangs. You've really got amazing hair. Are you planning on dying it to get rid of the red?

    P.S.-On this blog, I'm never in English teacher mode. Plus, I've inherited so many spelling errors from teaching, it's crazy.