Monday, September 6, 2010

Thar she sulks

So, it's been about seven weeks since my last haircut- and it's showing. I'm sporting a bulky mushroom head. But fortunately it's past the tips of my ears! Headbands have helped a bit- but they hurt because my head is large. I've been wearing hats a lot more too, and I love this Brixton Pack Bowler. I should have ordered it in black too... I know this doesn't really show hair growth, and I know that I planned on taking a photo every week- but no one wants to look at this mess. So there.


  1. you can do it, before my hair was the length it is now, it was a pixie cut!
    scarves help too, turban styles, ect, headbands always give me headaches!
    lovely photo btw jody

  2. Thanks for words of inspiration. I don't think I've seen any photos of you with a pixie cut. Any on your flickr?