Sunday, January 23, 2011

Balmain at last! An acid-wash dream come true.

At some point in December I temporarily lost my mind and bid on a pair of acid wash Balmain jeans, and won them. But they were from Brazil and took FOREVER to get here. They seriously sat in customs for about a month. I never thought they'd arrive- until yesterday came. An acid wash dream come true.
Outfit details:
sunglasses- Rayban
striped boat neck and cardigan- urbn
eye bangle- maniamania from bona drag
talon cuff- pamela love
bag- proenza schouler ps1
boots- h&m


  1. please post outfit photos more often!

  2. yes i agree, please do post more outfit photos...
    of course,i understand if you can't, i get so embarrassed & frustrated doing outfit posts, i just don't anymore...
    sometimes i love when i forget about something i ordered & then it finally shows up!
    hey did you get a new dossier yet, i haven't yet...(since the sep. 2010)

  3. Thanks guys. I'll try. Honestly, I'm terrible at getting my photo taken. I want to hurry up and get it over with- which makes for a lot of sour expressions. But I'm always thinking, "I should take an outfit photo." I've got a few items that I should take some time to blog about. So I guess I'll get over it and take more photos.

    Tara-lynn, I haven't received Dossier yet. Do you know when it's supposed to come out? March? I think it's a twice a year thing. Talk about ordering something and then forgetting about it. Totally forgot about Dossier.

  4. Oh my god, those jeans!! They're amazing. I love jeans with just the knees ripped out, but my crappy DIY ones don't compare to these. And I love the way you are wearing those bracelets... the silver Maniamania is to die for.

  5. I love RAY BEN soooo much :D
    it's very nice!

  6. I'm hot for teacher!! FINALLYYY those bad boys showed up! Can't wait to fondle them in person.

    If you have the camera, I have the time. Let's play dress up in your closet and photo document for your blog! I think your readers will be pleased.

  7. Thanks Taylor! You've got me obsessed with the All for the Mountain bracelet!

    Boyun So- Thank you!

    Angel- Yeah, finally!! Remember me bitching about these weeks and weeks ago. Oh, and I have the camera. Deal! Donuts and dress-up.