Saturday, March 5, 2011

Prism of London

I finally got lenses put in my Prism of London Rio glasses, and they don't make me feel dizzy! I hate adjusting to new prescriptions, so it's nice to put on a pair of new glasses and not feel like the floor is jumping. Just wore a pretty basic jeans and tee shirt outfit:
muscle tee- sophomore from bona drag
high waisted jeans- judi rosen
bag- proenza schouler ps11
shoes- swedish hasbeens peep toe super high
bracelets- maniamania from bona drag

My boyfriend and I went out to Thai food, shopped a little, and stopped by Mission Minis for a whole lotta cupcakes. But these high waisted jeans do not leave much room for things like cupcakes (or breathing for that matter).


  1. hey where did you get your judi rosen jeans?
    i've been trying to hunt down a pair without success...
    in ny somewhere?

  2. I got them about two years ago. I think I ordered them directly from The Good The Bad & The Ugly. But there was also a boutique down the street from my house in San Francisco that used to sell Judi Rosen jeans. I can't understand why these aren't sold everywhere. They're seriously the best. Maybe keep an eye out on ebay...

  3. really nice bag!!!! i think i need some kind of classic bag like that....:)

  4. Thanks Boyun. I ordered the bag from Belgium. It is now sold out in this color everywhere, so I'm glad I got it when I did. A classic bag is a necessity. I hope to use this bag for years and years and years to come. Hope you find your perfect bag.

  5. Oh girl, this outfit is just so perfect. I think I want those glasses now. I've been looking for a new pair, but haven't settled on any I like. Don't know if I can pull off the color as well as you do though.

  6. love this outfit!perfect bag!

  7. Gabby, you can seriously get away with this color!

  8. I love your bag. I'm mad at myself for buying a Wang instead of the PS1 that I so wanted. The PS11 is great too. I love your glasses too... I just sat on my perscription glasses the other day and they're pretty broken now.

  9. Taylor, I don't think the PS1 is going anywhere, so hopefully you'll be able to get one some time in the future. It's such a great bag! Bummer about the glasses. Are you looking out for new ones?